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Often, losing a loved one can put us, the family members, under a lot of stress. In ways that we can, we have to inform most, if not all, of our relatives and friends close to the dearly departed about the time and whereabouts of the funeral service. But that’s not what we just have to worry about. The kind of service that will be held also needs room for discussion. Will a simple and traditional service be enough? Should we go purchase a coffin and have our dead loved ones buried underground or have them housed in a mausoleum, instead? Is the idea of cremation more economical? And of course, there’s also the matter of last will and testament.

There are so many things to attend to, particularly, legal matters, when it comes to funeral services, all of which can be very taxing and exhausting.

Where among all these tasks do we spare the time necessary to just grieve and work our way to recovery?

funeralIn Gentry Griffey Funeral Home and Chapel, we help our clients meet the needs of making funeral arrangements while providing them a wide selection of options to choose from: it can be a traditional, simple funeral service, cremation, or a mix of both. Regardless of your religious stance or budget for the funeral, our staff is always available for discussion of all that sort. For 64 years since Glenard and Ruth Gentry opened up the funeral home back in 1948, we have become committed to serving the East Tennessee community with our standard of ethics and dignity. For more information, please go to


Gentry Griffey is a garden spot in North Knoxville, Tennessee, just four miles from Downtown, Knoxville. Dogwood trees and tulips grow in our gardens. Our three-level building, which is situated on three acres on a hill overhead the Fountain City Lake, is incorporated with a Southern traditional style. A traditional chapel was built inside the building and its interiors are styled with Southern décor as well. We are also the only one in Knox County that has become an on-site crematory since 2012.
Funeral Services

Planning ahead in case death occurs is one of the many things we can do to take burden away from those we may leave behind in this world. And because we are always open to the public for the entire year (including holidays), 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, our staff is ready to accommodate you with your inquiries on how to make funeral arrangements here in Gentry Griffey. You can do to and see a checklist of the services we render in a funeral service like embalming, cremation, use of hearse, flower arrangements, casket/coffin purchase, etc. Explore the site further because our value package priced at $4995 is at the table and may interest you.

To procure a death certificate, we ask you to give the following data or requirements for filing:

• Full legal name
• Date of birth
• Mothers Maiden name
• Name of spouse
• Legal residence
• Level of Education
• Social Security #
• Place of birth
• Occupation
• Recent photograph
• Obituary information
• Military discharge papers (DD 214)
• Insurance policy information
• Photographs for Memorial DVD
• Burial clothing
• Jewelry


Being the sole funeral home in Knox County that has a crematory in its own vicinities, we are not restricted to operate because we have our own schedule to follow and facilities we make use of. Our licensed and professional staff will see to it that the remains of your loved ones are cared for. Every step of the procedure will be overseen by them. We also have a viewing room to encourage the families to be present before the cremation.


While cremation may be an option, your funeral service shouldn’t be limited to just that. Any alternations or arrangements can be made at Gentry Griffey.

In case you chose Gentry Griffey to hold your cremation but have pre-planned your funeral arrangements at another funeral home, we advise you to get our contact details from and let our staff discuss with you the simple ways you can do to have all your pre-arranged plans transfer to us.


Here in our funeral home, we give our customers a gamut of caskets, urns, and vaults to choose from to accommodate their preference on design, protective quality, and of course, budget.

Benefits and Estate Settlement

On matters of will, estate taxes, joint property, and the likes, Gentry Griffey can help you ease the burden of dealing with all the legalities and inform you on all about the unfamiliar terms regarding these. Although, to make proceedings run successfully, we advise you to gain consultation with a professional. Go to and contact our staff for more details so that we can give you a rundown on the basics.

Support Group

There is no clear-cut way to overcome grief. Grief that comes from losing a loved one is a process. We from Gentry Griffey is committed to giving support to the grieving family in their time of need. Recently formed in 2012, our support group BLOOMS (Bringing together Losses Of Others Mourning Sadness) is open to the public with the aim of educating the participants on how to overcome grief by holding discussions on a variety of topics regarding it. Go to to see our scheduled meetings.

Gentry Griffey can help you ease the burden of dealing with all the legalities and inform you on all about the unfamiliar terms regarding these.

Search Engine Optimization Consultants and SEO: The Pros and Cons

To understand the concept of Search Engine Optimization or SEO, it’s best to study all its angles, particularly its pros and cons.

First, let’s study the positives.

The Pros of SEO

What’s good about using search engine optimization consultants for your business?

• Those who need you will find you.

Why do people use search engines? To find what they need. It seems as well that people need a lot lately with 2013’s more than 2 trillion searches. With SEO, you’ll be out there, ready to provide these people’s needs.

• SEO helps your business grow.

The Internet is a huge environment. SEO will help your business in securing its online presence through enhancing the visibility of its web pages and social media channels.

• It’ll help you save time.

seo serviceHiring SEO consultants will do the work necessary to promote your business. You, on the other end, can just focus on other factors of your site and leave the SEO efforts to the experts.

• SEO generates visitors that can lead to sales.

Leads generated by your SEO efforts can go as much as 15% — better than that of print ads or email newsletters.

• It can give you good ranking results.

Through your keywords, you can achieve good rankings on search engine results pages. Getting good rankings from search engine optimization consultants will help you gain the trust of your audiences, and even attract more audiences and higher revenues for your company.

The Cons of SEO

SEO, like everything else, isn’t perfect. What factors do you have to take note of before hiring search engine optimization consultants?

• SEO can’t guarantee results.

Your consultants can’t guarantee anything, as much as they’d like to. You just have to remember your goal which is to land on the first page of SERP – as long as you have that in mind, then you’re good.

• It’ll take time to see results.

You won’t immediately see the results of your SEO efforts. You have to remember that it’s not just about establishing your site but also having a secure place in search engines. If you’re lucky, it’ll only take hours for search engines to notice you, and if you’re not as lucky then you’d have to wait for years to see results.

• The ROI won’t be immediate.

As previously mentioned, SEO results won’t be immediate, and so the ROI won’t be immediate too. But of course, once the results start to take effect, then the ROI will follow soon after.

• It’s not exactly cheap.

You actually have to doubt search engine optimization consultants who claim theirs is cheap; SEO requires a substantial amount of investment. Sure, you’ll be able to save and spend less, only if you’re the one producing content and attracting backlinks. Don’t be afraid to shell out money if it means quality results in return.

• You have no control over SEO.

SEOOnly Google and other search engines have full and complete control of the results pages. SEO isn’t like paid marketing wherein you get what you pay for. You also don’t have control of the traffic your efforts will be generating and what type of people will be visiting your site.

So Should You Go for SEO?

SEO, regardless of the cons, should still be a part of a business’ campaign for digital marketing. Of course, the pros and cons stated will pretty much help you decide whether it’s ideal or not for your business, but it’s better to give it a try.

Whether you’ll be focusing on SEO or to divide your efforts in different business marketing tools is up to you – either way, your business will benefit and will help you achieve your target goals.

The Revolution of the Printed Circuit Boards

The evolution of technology has been phenomenal. The devices that people now use and take for granted are several orders of magnitude more powerful and more compact than those used by people a few decades ago. If these devices existed during those times, they would have been considered technological miracles. Modern technology owes it all to a simple but ingenious device: the printed circuit board.

What really makes printed circuit boards so special? These devices are able to fit a very large number of electric circuits into a compact space. Circuits do the majority of the work done by most electric devices, enabling them to respond to input, do some processing, and produce output. Putting more circuits enables devices to carry out more complicated work.

Printed circuit boards
Printed circuit boards contain a substrate on which some layers of conducting material are printed, hence their name. Various electrical components, which form part of the circuits, are also attached on the circuit boards.

Copper is used often in the conducting layers. This metal conducts electricity well and does not corrode easily. It is also abundant and cheap, making them a good choice among manufacturers. The copper layer forms the circuits present on the board. During the manufacturing process, some copper is removed, leaving only narrow copper pathways on the board. Once operational, electricity will flow through these pathways, powering the different electrical components on the board.

A thin protective layer of tin-lead is applied on the copper to help it resist any corrosion. A printed circuit board can be easily destroyed by short circuits. As a precaution, many circuit boards have an additional layer, called the solder mask, which protects the circuit board from short circuits. Another layer called the silkscreen layer may also be present. It marks symbols and text on the surface, enabling people to understand the different parts of the board.

Conversely, the substrate contains non-conducting material. Usually, fiberglass or plastic is used for this purpose. The main purpose of the substrate is to attach all of the other components of the printed circuit board firmly, especially the conductive layers. The substrate also provides some protection from mechanical shocks, usually caused by rough handling.
Since fiberglass is comparatively expensive, lower-end models primarily use plastic. Although both are acceptable substrates, plastic is inferior to fiberglass due to its lower thermal tolerance. When soldering components, the heat may cause the plastic to deform or release noxious fumes.

There are roughly three types of printed circuit boards, classified by increasing complexity: single-layered boards, double-layered boards, and multi-sided boards.

The first type has only one layer of conductive material. Typically, the components are attached on the side opposite the conductive layer. The second type has two layers of conductive material, which cover both sides of the board. Double-layered boards are inherently more difficult to manufacture, but can handle more complicated circuits. The two conductive layers are connected by special holes lined with a conductive material. These holes enable circuits on one side to interact with circuits on the other side. The third type has multiple conductive layers. These layers are placed between substrate layers to prevent any short circuits. The conductive layers are connected to each other using the holes described earlier. The depth of the holes determines which layers are connected. Multi-layered boards are harder to manufacture and cost more, but they provide more computing power than other types.

Other components may also be present on the printed circuit board. These components, ranging from light-emitting diodes to integrated circuits, actually do most of the work of the circuit board. The circuit board functions as a medium by which these components can interact. This does not mean though that circuit boards are useless. Without them, manufacturers would have had to use traditional wiring to connect the electrical components together. Aside from being time-consuming and resource-draining, this process also makes the device clunkier and more likely to malfunction.

The use of printed circuit boards has made it possible to create more powerful and more compact devices. As technology continues to improve, people can expect to see more powerful versions of the printed circuit board to emerge.

Any Printed circuit boards is probably the fundamental elements of electronic apparatus. It is necessary since it will serve since the coronary heart with the consumer electronics, generating everything function.

Free Add-ons and Services Offered with Custom Military Coins

Custom military coins leave the impression of being more valuable than other coins. According to hardcore military coin fans, these coins are much better compared to those available for civilians.

military coinsDue to their value, novice buyers don’t think that saving money is a thing of the past in ordering these pieces. Nevertheless, coin makers offer free services that economize clients’ transactions.

Free quote

Obtaining quotes can make or break a business deal for every company in general. Consumers believe that asking for quotations is equivalent to having the obligation to order from the same service provider, something buyers don’t want to do. They want to explore other options to ensure savings and premium coin quality. Fortunately, several coin sellers offer free quotes that gain buyers’ confidence in their services. With free quotes, consumers will not worry that they must spend money during the estimation process and even force themselves to buy from a coin maker without seeing all their options.

Free standard coin options

Standard coin options mean specific coin characteristics a buyer can obtain without additional payment. Buyers who are not strict in coin details can save money by going with these options.

Common standard detailing included in custom military coins are polished finishes and standard diamond cut edges. Polished finishes won’t cost additional money because the polishing process is easier than aging a metal, like in cases of antique-looking military coins. Special materials and conducting aging procedures are required to guarantee the coins will look old and attain its value, ultimately leading to additional expenses.

Diamond cut edges refer to the design around the coin’s edge. Standard cut looks plain and something seen on regular coins. Other cuts like rope cut and cross cut edges are more elaborate. Just like aging coins, these cut edges require dexterity, additional tools, and longer processing duration.

Free shape customization

Hearing the term coin often brings a round, flat object in mind. However, custom coins’ shapes are not limited to round shapes. Service providers understand that buyers have different specific coin preferences they want to obtain. Special shapes include polygons, squares and dog tags. Coming up with other shapes incurs extra charges considering the processes to accomplish to do so. Nonetheless, several coin makers understand the importance of promoting unique designs among clients, leading them to offering this option at no cost.

Free design and revision

military coins1What makes custom military coins unique is that they have more elaborate and refined designs than regular coin collections. Furthermore, expert graphics designers allow clients to send their own designs to come up with the appeal they want to achieve.

For those without a design in mind, coin makers offer free design services as a way to help buyers to save money. As experts, they will create the design according the clients’ requirements. Graphic designers offer free revisions if clients are unsatisfied with the first proof. They will not charge extra fees regardless of how many revisions a client may require. Professional artists will continue working on the designs until clients are satisfied.

Free shipping

The amount spent on special custom military coins can be high depending on the number of orders. Nevertheless, companies offer free shipping for certain areas. United States-based companies may have free shipping within continental USA. Some service providers may offer international shipping for a price, but may be free for extremely large orders.

Overall, buying custom military coins doesn’t mean spending a fortune to get them. These services make it possible for people to save money and order coins with confidence. Offering these services is also a way to gain more clients who will spread the word about their unparalleled services and world-class coin quality.


The Benefits of Using Custom Lanyards

Lanyards have different uses depending on its intended purpose. Companies and businesses use it for their employees’ identification cards, and sometimes it is even considered as part of the company’s uniform. Some use it as a holder of their pens, mobile phones, or flash drives. In conferences and seminars, it is a means of identifying organizers and participants. Sports teams and schools even use this to express their support for their team or alma mater.

Business owners also tend to look for a promotional tool that can be used frequently to ensure its effectiveness. Having one’s own custom design printed on a lanyard is one of the cheapest ways to promote a brand or a company to the public without worrying so much about advertising. Logos, as well as tagline and phrases, can be printed on them depending on your preference. It is indeed a great choice because employees and clients find it handy in their daily activities. The best part is, they are affordable especially when bought by the bulk so there is no need for huge investments. If you are not convinced about its effectiveness, here are some of the reasons why they prove to be beneficial to any company.


As mentioned above, there is no need to cash out a lot of money when it comes to custom lanyards. It’s probably not going to cost over $1 per piece if you buy by the hundreds. However, the price is probably going to increase depending on the size and the materials, but the most you’ll have to pay is $3 per piece. Of course, the prices per piece will decrease once you choose to purchase more.

Security and Identification

Companies usually use this to conveniently identify employees because it is easy to see. Most companies and organizations have their logos and names printed on the lanyard to get that distinct and exclusive look. If outsiders visit the building, it will be easier to set them apart from company employees. In addition, it is also very useful when your organization attends events and conventions. With lanyards, it is easier to find your team members in crowds in case you need to call them out for emergencies.

Ease of Use

Custom LanyardsThey are also very easy to use. You don’t need to stress over which part of your clothing to clip it on, unlike with clip-on badges. You just have to wear it around your neck and that’s it. You also minimize the risk of getting pierced by safety pins when you wear a lanyard.


Creating a lanyard specifically for an organized event is another way to get your company more known among the event’s attendees. It is an excellent choice of giveaway during events not only because it is handy but also because it is a great way of letting people know that you’re giving them thanks. It also establishes product awareness and brand recall effectively.

Supplement to Other Marketing Items

Custom lanyards are great supplements to your other marketing items such as mugs, bottles, jackets, caps, pens, pads, notebooks, and planners. This is especially helpful when you are trying to promote an advocacy. All of these can actually be used as a fundraiser to support a worthy cause. In this manner, people can express themselves and feel that they have helped every time they purchase any of these customized items.

Lanyards are indeed an excellent means to promote your business because of their versatility and practicality. They are durable and can be used for many different purposes, making them handy in various instances. If you are thinking of having one designed for your company, contact The Lanyard Authority today and discover the style that’s best for you based on your requirements and preferences.

The Origin of the Basic Golf Accessories

In golfing, players need to use different accessories while playing. These golf accessories differ in functionality. Each also has an interesting origin. If you are to play golf, it is essential that you know these things well. You also have to know how to pick the accessory that will help you play and score better.

Ball Markers


When a player lifts his golf ball to align it; cleans it; moves it if it’s in the line of his opponent’s ball; or inspects it if it’s been damaged or not, he has to use a ball marker to mark the position of the ball.

Ball markers are small and flat; they look like circular disks.


Golf is believed to have started in the 15th century but it was not until the 1950s that ball markers became popular. During the early years of golf, when the player’s ball was in the way of his opponent’s golf ball, he needs to putt around it; this process is called stymie.

The United States Golf Association permitted the use of ball markers in the early 1950s. It was stated in the rules that anything can be used as ball markers. Players then frequently used coins to mark the position of their balls. After some time, different golf courses had thought of making a special kind of ball marker which is made of plastic and metal. They often imprinted their logos on these ball markers.

Later on, golf equipment manufacturers created ball markers of different shapes, styles, and sizes.

•Different types

Golf accessoriesThese golf accessories have different types. The first one is Pronged Ball Marker; it is flat, thin, circular, and often imprinted with logos of tournament sponsors (these are used as giveaways during golf tournaments). Next is Flat Ball Marker; it is like a thin disk made of metal, it is heavier than other types of ball markers, and it can also be printed with different designs and logos on both sides.

The last type is Magnetic Ball Marker. It has an additional feature. There is a magnet attached on its back. This marker also has clip so that you may attach it to your belt, hat, bag, gloves, and neckpiece.

•Things to consider when purchasing them

You have to consider the size and shape. Your ball marker must be small so that it will not interfere with your opponents’ shot, but it has to be big enough to be seen. You also have to consider the color; a colorful and bright ball marker can be distracting. The perfect color choices are brown and green; they both blend with the golf course.

As for budget, plastic ball markers are more affordable than metal. If you are not on a budget, you can choose a metal ball marker studded with crystals. It is a good investment as it is extremely durable.



On the first stroke of every hole, a tee is used to hold the ball from the teeing ground. Teeing gives advantage for drive shots. These golf accessories are spike-like objects which have cup heads to hold to ball.


The word “tee” is believed to have originated from the Old Scottish word “teaz” which plural form is “tie”. In 1673, “teaz” appeared in the Wedderburn’s Vocabulary as an equivalent of a support or prop used in golf.


Before, to elevate the golf ball for a drive, a small heap of sand is used. The sand is provided in boxes; thus, the term “tee boxes” later became “teeing ground”.

Golfers back then also used disposable tea cup to lift the ball off the turf. The first tees which are close to the regular tees nowadays were called “Perfectum”. They featured a rubber and iron peg. The ball rested on the Perfectum’s head made of rubber pins.

Golf Gloves


Gloves are used to protect the golfers’ hand. These golf accessories also provide a better grip on the golf club which results to a solid swing. Right-handed golfers should wear gloves on their left hand. Alternatively, left-handed golfers must wear gloves on their right hand. The non-dominant hand is the one that suffers a lot during a game.


Golf gloves first appeared in the market in 1800s. They were developed to solve the problem of slippery grips on golf clubs and also to prevent golfers from having blisters and calluses. Unfortunately, they failed to provide a good grip. This led people to get rid of their gloves. Club makers then worked to develop better grips on their products so gloves were completely taken for granted.

The change in perceptions happened when Sam Snead, a popular golfer of the 1940s was wearing gloves in competitions. In 1980, a leather manufacturer developed soft and comfortable leather gloves. This is when golf gloves finally became popular not only among professionals, but also among amateur players.

The Legalities of Renting a Movable Cubicle

Movable cubicle or portable storage container is quite popular these days. People have the option to either rent or buy it. Buying it out is as simple as buying shoes while renting it is a different story. There are several laws that you as a renter and the owner of the portable storage container should know.

What to do in Case of Rental-Agreement Default?

What will the portable storage container owner do if the renter was not able to pay the rent for several months? The owner should be aware of how to legally handle the situation. The majority of the state laws provide a statute with requirements concerning foreclosure. A written notice should be given to the tenant in default and also to the owners or any other parties with a vested interest in the items being stored. The tenant will be given enough time to pay the remaining balance before the sale of his property.

Movable CubicleIn short, if the tenant was not able to pay what is owed on the given date as indicated in the contract, the movable cubicle owner or leasing authority has the right to sell the items in the cubicle as a way of payment for what the renter owes. Technically, this is how the renter going into foreclosure.

Remember, a tenant is in default once he is late in paying the rent. However, the foreclosure process will not start until the statute of the state in which the container is operated deems it legal. This is normally done after payment has been in default for 35 to 45 days, although in some cases it could be longer. The process starts once a notice is delivered to the tenant. Some owners may lock the container after 5 to 10 days of default, but some states restrict this until the foreclosure in full effect.

Delivering a Notice of Default

Many states require that demand for payment letter should be sent once only through the U.S. Certified Mail. The letter should indicate the amount that the tenant needs to pay and the date the payment should be made. It will benefit the portable storage container owner or leaser to forward more than just one notice and to make call, send e-mail and forward additional letters to collect payment. This move will benefit both parties.

There are cases that the renter requires more time in order to get back on track. For the owner, locking out the renter and sell his property requires a lot of work than just contacting the renter for payment. Maybe something significant happened to the tenant that he simply forgot about paying his rent. Sometimes, a reminder is all that is needed. But, if your attempts of notifying the tenant to collect the past due rent were unsuccessful, it is obvious that future efforts will be useless and legal action should be done.

Some state laws indicate that all parties with a secured interest should be notified any time a payment on a movable cubicle goes into default. It includes any lien holders. Since each state has its own law when it comes to renting a storage container, you need to check with your particular state to get full lien-law requirements. Some area would only require the notice to lien holders if they were included in the rental agreement. Others require the notice; it does not matter what is stated in the disclosure. Some do not require notice to be sent to the lien holders.

It does not matter what property is being stored in the movable cubicle, you should be aware of the agreement you are providing, as you come to an understanding to those terms in a legally binding contract with other party. As a renter, you should know your limitations and legal rights.

Author Bio:
We offer a lot of benefits to be gained from using a movable cubicle, as movable cubicle are built with high-quality materials that will not easily break,not every storage solution is perfect and suitable for everyone. Many factors should still be considered when opting to buy a cubicle for your needs.

Keynote Speakers Versus Motivational Speakers: What’s the Difference?

Although used interchangeably in most meetings and conventions, a keynote speaker performs tasks different from motivational speakers. The elements that create this contrast can be found in the nature of the responsibilities each kind of speaker carries. These two people hold different tasks and approaches to doing their job. Any keynote speaker can be enlisted as a motivational speaker; but not every motivational speaker can function as a keynote speakers.

Depending on the purpose of the meeting or gathering, one may need to decide carefully whether or not they need a motivational speaker. Despite this, a keynote speaker is an integral part of these gatherings and one is certainly a requirement.

ImageTo answer the question of responsibilities, the main task of the keynote speaker is to saturate the audience in the central message of the event or meeting. This central message may not necessarily be a motivational message. Given that businesses and companies could hold meetings or symposiums of almost any kind of nature, a keynote speaker may be chosen to deliver messages on almost any kind of issue at hand. These issues and topics may be more informative than motivational. These messages might be meant to disseminate information and not necessarily a call to action.

In contrast, a motivational speaker has a more direct and consistent goal in whatever setting that requires such a speaker. If the keynote speakers has to follow and embody the message of the meeting or symposium, the motivational speaker can only function in a meeting that tackles the topic of motivation. The sole goal of the motivational speaker is to get the audience to take positive action towards self-improvement. The business model of this kind of speaker rotates around addressing audiences on the topic of improving their lives.

In short, the topics and messages that the keynote speakers tackles vary from meeting to meeting. A motivational speaker always sticks to the motivational niche.

An additional element of difference between the two speakers is the kind of research that they conduct. Motivational speakers focus on drawing on stories and pieces of information that further their knowledge in terms of achieving success. The keynote speaker derives success from being capable to address a multitude of topics and subjects. Keynote speakers are known to be knowledgeable in almost any field of interest. This characteristic is crucial to the image of one in such a profession. A particular notion or discipline speakers possess is the awareness of the importance of form and substance. It is the substance that differentiates a motivational speaker from a keynote speaker.

With this note, motivational speakers can function as keynote speakers in a meeting that aims to inspire the audience. On the other hand, motivational speakers may not be the best choice of keynote speaker for a symposium that talks about stock market strategies or scientific developments because these areas are not under their specialization.

Motivational SpeakerDespite these differences, plenty speakers who make a living through performing as keynote speakers also market themselves as motivational speakers because of the success they have achieved. This practice has been developed by many famous personalities in the industry. Speakers like Zig Ziglar and John Maxwell, who are mostly known for their motivational speaking presentations, started out as businessmen. These men have performed both the roles of motivational and keynote speakers on many occasions which could be one of the reasons why the two types of speakers are interchanged and misused.

Regardless of the confusion, it is still important to review and discern the main goal and the message of a particular meeting or symposium before selecting a keynote speaker. This allows organizers to select and enlist the services of the proper and most qualified and equipped individuals to ensure that the meeting message is delivered clearly and is understood by the audience.

At Your Service! How to Become an Outstanding Chat Agent

A lot of companies all over the web now offer chat services for their customers. This is because as years pass, more and more people prefer spending their time online. But with all the available customer support services on the internet, what does a good chat agent have that differentiates him/her from all other chat representatives? This article will provide 5 characteristics of an outstanding chat agent.

1. An outstanding agent knows his/her craft by heart.

platformFair knowledge about computers and the company an agent serves is not enough. What really gives outstanding chat representatives an edge among others is complete and thorough learning of the field. Most agents fail in serving customers by not knowing the correct answers to a question. This will only lead to a customer’s annoyance, disgust, and the possibility of a permanent disapproval to the company.

2. An outstanding agent owns the conversation.

A job of a chat agent is naturally meant to communicate with other people. The best way of effectively doing so is by owning the conversation, but in a way that a customer won’t feel bossed around or talked down to. In order to do so, an agent must be able to talk with proper grammar and punctuation, so s/he wouldn’t appear mediocre to the customers. It is also better to ask more specific questions rather than general questions.

chatGood communication skills are also crucial in this case. To be able to respond properly to the customers, an outstanding agent needs to effectively talk to them through simple terms. It is also recommended to provide a comprehensive summary of the entire conversation every now and then, to not make the customer feel lost and to keep track of his/her needs.

3. An outstanding agent has the passion to serve.

Being a customer service representative generally entails the obligation of taking care of customers. It is not right to attend to the customers’ needs “just for the sake of it.” Some agents do this, but an outstanding chat agent knows it in her/his heart that a customer’s needs should always be put first. Just as they say, “doing what you love” is the best way of working, so loving the job and understanding its natures make an agent better and more capable of the work.

4. An outstanding agent takes insults and criticisms, but responds fairly to them.

Just like any other customer representatives using other platforms of communication, a chat agent is also subject to annoyed and anguished customers’ criticisms. In times like this, an outstanding agent does not let his/her temper get the best of him/her. Rather, s/he accepts all criticisms and responds in a respectful manner that lets the customer know that s/he understands the situation but that there are some points to also consider. Professionalism is really the key to every successful job, especially in this one.

5. An outstanding agent is committed

cahatting faceSince most chat representatives are hired online, it is tougher for the company to keep track of every work done. Some agents even leave their jobs without any prior notice, and although this comes with respective consequences, it is still the company who suffers a lot from this kind of incident. That is why commitment to the job makes an agent more exceptional since it shows how much s/he values her/his work.

Moreover, by being committed also means s/he is able to multitask. This is specifically needed for the job since chat representatives work with a bunch of computer tools that needs to be switched from time to time.

Being an outstanding chat agent comes with outstanding responsibilities. But once all these are achieved, an outstanding agent will not only glorify her/his work, but also the company s/he works for and the customers they serve.