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Judi Dench gives her usual top-notch performance in this true story of a woman’s search for her son. I’m giving myself the book via Kindle download as a Christmas present.

Christian Bale’s eyes, face, and body speak volumes in this story of a mill town man left with nothing to lose. Casey Affleck also delivers a strong performance. And tell me does anyone do psycho murdering lunatic better than Woody Harrelson? The move moves slowly. It doesn’t spell everything out, but yet you know what’s going on. Something about the ending brought No Country for Old Men to mind.

Julia Margaret Cameron @ The Metropolitan Museum of Art

When she received her first camera in December 1863 as a gift from her daughter and son-in-law, Cameron was forty-eight, a mother of six, and a deeply religious, well-read, somewhat eccentric friend of many notable Victorian artists, poets, and thinkers. “From the first moment I handled my lens with a tender ardour,” she wrote, “and it has become to me as a living thing, with voice and memory and creative vigour.”

Balthus Cats and Girls @ The Metropolitan Museum of Art


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