52 and far from through!


Yesterday I joyfully celebrated my 52nd swing around the sun.

My bestest present was a visit from my daughter Josie & son-in-law Chris earlier this week.


Chris & Josie singing “O Holy Night”

Janie and the boys sent a $100 gift certificate for Barnes & Noble.
Here’s a few possibilities:

Other gift certificates got me a haircut, a mani-pedi, new jeans and sweaters.

Sunday is skiing and then a family-style dinner with my dear New Jersey friends. Just so you know, skiing for me consists of sitting in the lodge with a warm drink watching people glide and/or tumble down the mountain. ;)

java love

The following Sunday I’m thinking day trip to Manhattan. Hopefully the girls will be free with brunch.  And maybe Mz. Kitty will be free for dinner – I’ve missed her – we need to catch up.

And how are all of you?

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