Mother knows best: Re-making the Embrace baby warmer for moms

Frances D:

What would I do if I won the lottery?
Buy thousands of these for the mothers who need them!

Originally posted on TED Blog:


A new mother uses the Embrace babywarmer to protect her premature baby in a village in southern India. Photo: Embrace.

When Jane Chen and her team arrived in India five years ago, it was with a bold idea. They wanted to develop a simple, affordable solution to a terrible problem: infant mortality.

They went to the right place. According to a recent Child Mortality report, produced by the UN Inter-agency Group for Child Mortality Estimation, India accounts for more than a quarter of neonatal deaths worldwide, about 725,000 babies in 2012 alone.

Infant mortality is the result of many factors; Chen and her team decided to focus on the fact that many premature and low birth weight infants are especially vulnerable to hypothermia, and they came up with a design to address this problem. Embrace is a sleeping bag-style baby-warmer that can be used when high-tech, hospital-based incubators are…

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